An Exhibition by Pat Burnes

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From Tuesday 30th September to Sunday 12th October 2008

Topophilia - a love of place.  Artist Pat Burnes continues her perspectives on Bray in her second solo exhibition at Signal Arts Centre.  Topophilia has elements similar to her first exhibition Obsession.  The process of arduous detailed repetition in the creation of multiples is an essential part of the artist’s art practice as is the creating of a new reality through enlarging or blowing up.

Burnes fashions paper sculptures shaped in cubes from the local newspaper, The Bray People.  Contemplating the sedimentary layers of the cliffs of Bray Head, the shale, the granite, the mica schist, and all the geology of this ancient hill,  the 'cubes' emulate the impact of years, centuries, the coming and going of glaciers and seas on the Bray landscape.  Hence the name 'Striations' has been given to the 60 cubes.  Striation is a geological term describing grooves or scratch lines on an exposed rock face caused by a moving glacier.

Drawing imaginative landscapes from the sides of the 'cubes' Burnes then carves the landscapes into lino for relief printing.  She also etches some of the landscapes into copper to produce intaglio prints.  A number of the prints are handpulled and printed on Kozo paper while others are printed on Arches paper using a printing press.

Several sets of images are printed in black and then again red. The black harks back to the original newsprint, and the red is for passion and life.  The resulting primordial landscapes mirror the ever changing flow of the landscape and seas.  The process involved here is a circular motion in empathy with that flow; starting with newsprint, translating that to newsprint sculptures, using drawing, carving and etching and then finally producing prints on paper.

Opening Reception: Friday 3rd October 7-9pm