An Exhibition of Prints and Paintings by Pat Burnes

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From Tuesday 26th September to Sunday 8th October 2006

Obsession was inspired by the film 'BLOW-UP' Antonioni's 60's classic, in which a jaded photographer is transformed through the act of 'seeing'. He blows an image up and up until he sees a particular truth or reality. However, unsure of his perceptions he is finally awakened to the dualities and complexity of life.

As a returned emigrant, Burnes also is awakened to the dualities and complexities of Irish culture. To underlie this idea, her work Obsession is excessively blown up to 6ft x 8ft; the closer you get the less you see.

In Obsession: Details 1-8, two series of eight prints depict a random element which has been extrapolated from her monumental print. This element is then further magnified until its image practically disappears. In referring particularly to these works of Burnes, Aidan Dunne, art critic for the Irish Times wrote 'the visualization of obsessiveness is very effective'. (The Irish Times, June 13 2005).

To broaden the scope of her original concept, Burnes has painted a further series of eight works. Obsession Details (1-8), four of which are executed in oil on canvas and four are executed using egg tempura on a specially prepared formula of gesso ground. In using these traditional methods, Burnes references the older traditions of painting to underlie the significance of memory in her work. Burnes is looking back but moving forward.

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to welcome Liz Mc Manus T.D. who has kindly accepted Pat's request to open her exhibition.

Opening Reception: Thursday 28th September 7-9pm