An Exhibition by Paul Cronly

From Wednesday 4th August to Saturday 14th August 2004

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of work in various media by artist, Paul Cronly.

Paul says 'The work explores relationships between violence and art, where the creative/destructive act, and its residue (object), is a manifestation of subjective being in collisions with material reality'. The subjective act seeks to exert dominance and control over object, in an attempt to determine and affect specific narratives and relationships between self and other. The residual artefact exists as temporal entity and contemplative idea; the violence perpetrated in its initial execution being perpetually maintained as record and document.

The work takes the innate material stasis of art object as a starting point, and focuses on seemingly paradoxical aspects of the still-image, whereby stasis provides an open-ended inconclusiveness in narrative terms to issues of dominance and control. The decorative aspects of these works make implicit connections between the creative act, violence, sublimation, control, and desirability (aesthetics and commodity inclusive).

My work is an attempt to deal with issues of presence and absence, specifically; it is an evocation of ambiguity determining the 'life' status of its subjects and unsurely posits the artefact as a means of validation.

Paul Cronly graduated with a BA from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in 2002. He is alive and well, currently residing and working in Dublin.

Opening Reception: Thursday 5th August 7-9pm