An Exhibition of Paintings by Paul McCann
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From Tuesday 25th April to Saturday 6th May 2006

Signal Arts are pleased to present 'Manifestation', an exhibition of paintings by Paul McCann.

Manifestation is an exhibition featuring a series of works all derived soley from one image. The image simply depicts a young boy getting his hair cut. The photograph is focused clearly on the boy and everything else exists only on the periphery. His form and construct have been used as a starting point for every painting in the exhibition.

The paintings were created in an organic manner and careful finishes were avoided so as not to impede the flow of the imagination. All the works were allowed to progress and manifest in their own way without any conscious effort to create variations of the image.

The sole criterion for this exhibition was to adopt the line of least resistance, to allow each painting to dictate its own direction rather than to be determined by the initial sketch or indeed the source image. Each of the paintings is a reaction created within a specific moment and environment. It was the frame of mind induced by these factors that directed the creation of the work.

Opening Reception: Friday 28th April 7-9pm