'Colour and Form'

An Exhibition by Peter Farrell

From Wednesday 31st October to Saturday 10th November 2001

The debut exhibition by Wicklow photographer Peter Farrell will be showing at Signal Arts Centre from Wednesday October 31st to Saturday 10th November.

Farrell, who is self-taught and who says his work is, 'informed by my interest in 20th century art, especially movements such as conceptualism, minimalism and pop art', has been taking photographs for twenty years. He captures in his work, 'Things that other people may not see... that might be gone forever if they are not photographed there and then.'

Farrell's exhibition combines quirky images isolated from the everyday world with consciously constructed abstractions - some of familiar objects seen from unusual viewpoints, others crafted shimmerings of light, colour and form. His colour work is digitally printed using pigment rather than ink, a technique forecast to last a hundred years before any fading occurs.

Opening Reception: Friday 2nd November 7-9pm