'Group Show'

An Exhibition by 'Pin'

From Tuesday 27th April to Saturday 8th May 2004

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition of works by 'Pin', a group of four emerging artists currently based in Pallas Studios, Dublin.

The concepts, influences and materials employed in work have become increasingly refined since they started sharing studio space. 'Pin's' main areas of practice comprised photography, paintings, sculpture and installation.

Each of the artists share a desire to clutch the fragment, the material fact of the other existence even as it morphs and changes and is gone.

Gillian Dane's photographs and drawings explore nature in its state of flux. Her snapshots of birds in flight are studiously numbered. Labelling each and every pair of wings she effectively absorbs the moment and makes it her own.

Anita Elliott's thread drawings are trapped and held between pieces of glass. They float like apparitions, intangible ghosts of a home recollected and reconfigured from afar.

Catriona Harkie's felt sculptures and wallpaper drawings appear tired and time worn. They are domestic expressions of a childhood remembered, where things do not sit that comfortably and where fact and fiction become inextricably linked.

Likewise Ciara Healy's butterfly pieces record and classify received romantic imagery and everyday ephemera. Each butterfly bears a photographic image that is only partially discernible. These intangible moments are conserved in the style of an amateur scientist. In static flight they are the preserved fragments of the lives we once lived and loves we once lost.

Opening Reception: Thursday 29th April 7-9pm