'Quotidian Rinse'

An Exhibition of Photography and Video Performance by Pollie Venn

From Tuesday 11th May to Saturday 22nd May 2004

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Quotidian Rinse', by the artist Polly Venn.

Pollie, originally from Waterford has studied at Waterford Institute of Technology, also at Crawford College of Art & Design, attaining a B.A. Degree in Fine Art (print making) with first class honours.

Pollie says she gains inspiration for her work from 'the everyday things around me, the banal, the obvious, the things we take for granted. I am driven by the need for my art to say something, to address an issue, often an issue of personal concern or curiosity but having addressed it I am intrigued to evaluate its audience.'

I like my work to challenge. The things that stained my memories of visiting the big art galleries when growing up, were the security guards, the alarms, the barriers that came between the viewer and the art. It is important for me that my art becomes neither unreachable nor elite. I love when my audience become a part of the experience. In previous work this has meant that the audience are invited to perform.

'Quotidian Rinse' celebrates the habitual, the commonplace, and the banal. It portrays a customary ritual, a task that epitomises regularity and familiarity among people. In the transferral of ordinary to the celebrated, Quotidian Rinse merges art with the everyday to readdress the materials and activities that surround us in our common existence.

'Quotidian Rinse' is void of race, class or gender. The homogeneous nature of a common shore, such as washing one's hair, aspires to bind audiences of every background.

Opening Reception: Friday 14th May 7-9pm