'Join the Dots'

An Exhibition of Drawings by Rachael Agnew

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From Tuesday 24th May to Sunday 5th June 2011

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of works by artist Rachael Agnew. Rachael graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2008. Her art is based in the medium of drawing, whether with paint, pen, collage, nature or technology. She has exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout Ireland and in Cape Cod, United States of America.

All of her works are based on the line and the information it portrays. It is a visual response into the understanding of life and the patterns she sees within it. It conceptually plays within the broad and contrasting areas of order and chaos, nature and science and more biographically within creativity and society. Each individual piece of work is a direct response at different scales to life and its growth, including social and natural patterns and connections.

Her recent work has been influenced by a trend she has observed in contemporary society where people, including her, are questioning their existence and its connection to the rest of the world. Her pieces, like patterns, serve as guides for something to be made and are therefore not finished pieces but abstract ideas.

"The very questioning of life is centuries old and one of the most puzzling and intriguing debates. As an artist she feels a need to visually represent the world around her and yet she has the curiosity of a scientist who craves a better understanding of it. So as the scientist tries to understand life by deconstructing life and creating patterns, the artist decodes these patterns and attempts to reconstruct new ones".

Opening Reception: Friday 27th May 7 9 p.m