'Pushing Out The Boat'

RADE 2011 Art Exhibition

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From Tuesday 10th May to Sunday 22nd May 2011

RADE is an exciting and innovative drug recovery programme based in Dublin's inner city. In the past the work of our artists has been exhibited in the National College of Art and Design Gallery in Thomas St Dublin, the Dublin Civic Centre, the Project Art Centre, and has toured Dublin Public Libraries. The exhibition in the Signal Gallery is our first exhibition outside the Dublin city area and allows us to broaden the potential audience of our work.

The work is a further dimension to the original theatre, film productions and creative writing that RADE has produced since its inception in 2004. The work is testament to the capacity of people affected by drug dependence to contribute to society and firmly dispels the negative labels and stereo-type notions associated with this group.

Opening Reception: Friday 13th May 7-9pm