'Through the Looking Glass'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Róisín Verdon

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From Tuesday 14th September to Sunday 26th September 2010

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this series of works by staff artist and Bray native Róisín Verdon. Róisín graduated from I.A.D.T in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts Practice and is also a past graduate of Bray Institute of Further Education.

The whole thesis behind her work is that she chooses movies and TV as her source to first of all portray image but also because of the heightened sense of colour and composition. In fact there is a development or transition from focus on motion to focus on composition in her work. She is now developing her work around the law of reflection and in particular Specular Reflection. Specular reflection is where the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors are exhibitors of specular reflections, basically, what you see is what you get! Yet the surface is only partially representational. Through working on the Motion project and watching a lot of movies and TV it became apparent that mirrors feature in nearly everything that she has watched. Evidently the actor is playing a character yet the person behind the character is present also. At that one moment where the actor is looking in the mirror all are contemporary to the moment. This reminds her of the Ego, the false self which we present to the world as a statement of who we are, versus the true self and the actual being within. A great example of this would be The Wizard of Oz where the wizard was represented as a larger than life entity when in actual fact he was a little man behind a curtain. All eventually will be revealed.

Through the process of image analysis and research, Róisín has collected hundreds of references to base her work on. Her new body of work comprises of paintings developed from the use of specular reflection within the realm of film.

Opening Reception: Friday 17th September 7-9pm