'I Don't Think So'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Sarah Maher
Sarah Maher's image Sarah Maher's image Sarah Maher's image

From Tuesday 9th May to Saturday 20th May 2006

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Sarah Maher.

Sarah Maher graduated with a B.A. (Hons.) in Fine Art from D.L.I.A.D.T. in 2002. Her Diploma show was a sell out. Sarah's work comprises sculpture, mono-printing, painting and photography. She has gained considerable recognition for her innovative installation work.

Sarah has exhibited in numerous group shows in Dublin, London and Seoul. This is Sarah's first solo show since her return to Dublin last year after a stint working and documenting her travels around the globe.

Sarah combines previous techniques representing vague characters and places that are fragmented, distorted and fetischised using paint with unusual sensuality, using creamy layers and rapturous colours in which suggestions of figures emerge. Her paint is spattered and smeared, bearing resemblance to De Kooning, Basquait and Francis Bacon. She marks with a carnal physicality in which tones and textures range from teasing frivolity to the sordid.

Sarah's mono-prints resemble the similar looseness and deconstruction of wandering lines possessed with humorous edginess that lifts her work to another dimension. 'Strange Love', her installation piece, embodies the biological beginning of her conceptual work as an artist, is a monumental treasure chest in which all things that have affected and triggered her discoveries can be found.

Opening Reception: Sunday 14th May 3-5pm