'Dress Up In You'

Exhibition of Illustrations and Sketchbook Work by Sarah Murphy
Sarah Maher's image Sarah Maher's image Sarah Maher's image

From Wednesday 5th January to Sunday 16th January 2011

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this first solo exhibition by artist Sarah Murphy.  Sarah studied Art, Design and Mixed Media at Ballyfermot College of Further Education and graduated with a HND in Illustration.  She won the South Dublin Libraries Children's Book festival Art Award in 2000.

Sarah's love and appreciation for animals, combined with a huge interest in research has led her to develop a series of work based on Native American Indian myths and legends.  Taking the original stories, she has interpreted them in her own way, and though quite often ending up with images quite abstract from the original story, she has still tried hard to portray the emotion and lessons that these stories teach us about, from loneliness and isolation to playfulness and trickery.  As nearly all the stories feature animals, she wanted to explore the relationship between them and humans and this has led her to  create creatures that are neither human or beast... a woman with the head of a doe, a lonely man hiding behind a bird mask.  Ranging from highly finished illustrations to unfinished and sketchbook work, Sarah feels that there is never any end point, just continual observation and appreciation.  She says, 'Though a sketch may be quite quickly achieved and not highly finished, it does not take away from its energy and relevance'.

Opening Reception: Friday 7th January 7-9pm