'Signal Arts Society'

8th Annual Exhibition
Signal Arts Society Exhibition image Signal Arts Society Exhibition image

From Tuesday 8th July to Sunday 20th July 2008

In the 80's and early 90's Colum O'Neill remembers meeting several artists who all shared a common problem – there was no formal access to each other and it was only by chance that they would meet. They needed a gathering point or at least some way of communicating with each other and with their audience. Then along came the Signal Arts Centre and artists dreams were finally a reality.

During the summer of 2000 the next development of the Signal Arts Centre was created. A committee was formed and the Signal Arts Society was born.  The Society was to become a major access point to the Arts Centre.

All members are entitled to participate in all functions and exhibition openings at the Arts Centre as well as receiving a quarterly newsletter and discounted offers on sales of artworks.  The Society is not exclusive to artists and membership is open to anyone with an interest in arts.  

To join simply contact the Arts Centre and ask about the Signal Arts Society.


Opening Reception: Friday 11th July 7-9pm