'I'm Crying and Everything'

An Exhibition by Séamus McCormack

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From Tuesday 1st April to Sunday 13th April 2008

The artworks he lays before the viewer aims to evoke an active response in everyone who has felt within themselves an urge to grow beyond their inheritance. His objective in creating various identities and roles is to develop as an artist, to find a voice and a definition, to stimulate mental faculties and expression. By inhabiting and interpolating himself into various roles, he begins new learning processes.

As a young emerging artist there is a concern regarding the validity of asserting himself in this role. This questioning permeates all aspects of his practice and is reinforced in an impediment that may occur through his use references and devices.

He uses the obvious yet poignant analogy of art-maker as a hunter in which to visualise his concerns. This work illustrates his attempts to capture this elusive desire. The connection between hunting and photography asserts itself. The implication of ownership via taxonomy is reinforced with his presentation of the desired object, the rabbit, as artwork.

Recently he has been provoked to consider paternal-son links and the construction of memory and its fragility. The borders between fiction and non-fiction, reproduction and reality, are blurred as an interplay between documentary, accuracy and dramatisation exists. This uncertainty of what exists and what is remembered is an attempt to echo questions regarding memory and our constructions of narratives within.

This is the debut solo show of emerging visual artist, Séamus McCormack, who was born in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath. He was educated at the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Limerick School of Art & Design. He graduated in 2006 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art receiving the Best Fine Art Student Award, and in addition was awarded the Gold Medal for Academic Excellence from the Faculty of Applied Arts, DIT.

He has exhibited his work in group shows across Ireland including the Stone Gallery, Dublin, Catalyst Arts, Belfast and Mullingar Arts, Centre. He also devised a performance piece on view at Project Arts Space, Temple Bar in April 2006. He has received a number grants from the Westmeath County Council Arts Office and in 2006 received the Emerging Artist Bursary Award. Séamus has been involved in a number of Community Art initiatives, and is currently employed by the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

For examples of works see www.seamusmccormack.com

Opening Reception: Friday 4th April 7-9pm