An Exhibition by Susan Montgomery
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From Tuesday 13th May to Sunday 25th May 2008

The Signal Arts Centre is pleased to announce the Opening of a solo exhibition by Bray native, Susan Montgomery.

Like two rivers cascading from the same mist shrouded mountain, celtic and vedic culture share astounding similarities.... from 'common ground of European Celts and Indian Vedic Hindus', Hinduism Today, May 1994.

Susan's new body of work entitled 'Prasad' explores the parallels between Druidic and Vedic cultures.  Prasad is the name given to the sweet one receives at the end of a pilgrimage or after a temple visit.

In this exhibition Susan explores her own pilgrimage in response to recent trips to India. Part travelogue, part nature study, her paintings explore the subtleties of landscape. She is interested in the levels of intimacy and privacy in India and how truth is concealed, this, she compares with the space and freedom she experiences in her own place and landscape, as an artist living rurally.

The process involves the creation of layers through delicate application of paint, staining and rubbing back. This becomes her dialogue or pilgrimage.  Using a variety of media, resisting oil and water based paint; she carefully conceals and reveals narratives and references to Sanskrit literature, mythology, history and politics.  New motifs appear and marks as if made by time.

Once again meteorological elements are strongly present in her work which refer mostly to Kalidasas 'Voyage of Meghadoot',a Sanskrit love poem written in 6th century AD but also her own engagement with the forces of nature and the senses they evoke, in an aim to engage the viewer in an atmosphere.  She then encourages them to decipher and reach for deeper clues and undertones and unravel the testament she is attempting to make to the human spirit.

The exhibition will be opened by His Excellency Mr P. S Raghavan, The Ambassador of India.

Opening Reception: Tuesday 13th May 7-9pm