'Something Physical'

A Multi-Media Exhibition by Suzanne Mooney

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From Tuesday 5th February to Sunday 17th February 2008

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Something Physical', an installation of work not previously exhibited in Ireland.

Irish artist Suzanne obtained an MA in Fine Art in 2003 and since then has exhibited extensively in such diverse locations as China, Korea and Iceland as well as in Ireland and England.

Suzanne invites us to enter a space for contemplation and reflection on both our environment and ourselves. She has selected spaces from the cityscapes of Seoul, Tokyo and other similar urban surroundings to construct romantic and affecting images on space and time, through a combination of video and installation. She uses a hybrid of the natural and the synthetic found in these urban settings (trees and telegraph poles) in front of a video image, to link the virtual space of the video to the physical space of the viewer.

Suzanne intentionally omits all kinds of historical information and traces, just leaving the image with silhouette as an avatar, allowing us to feel a sense of timelessness, detached from everyday life.

In this timeless space, the viewer has the experience of navigating through her hybrid objects that interrupt their path and therefore must become aware of their own physical presence within this space. It is this blending of the virtual video space and the viewers' physical space in the gallery that completes this installation.

Opening Reception: Thursday 7th February 7-9pm