'Bye Bye Bog'

Exhibition of Paintings and Installations by Willie Redmond

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From Tuesday 12th April to Sunday 24th April 2011

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this exhibition of paintings and installations by artist Willie Redmond. Willie specializes in acrylics, oils, pastels and mixed medium. The show involves some performance as pieces will change during the show. Shows include solo and group shows country wide and in the UK. Versatile in output from National Portrait Exhibitions to EVA exhibitions. Collections include Dept of Enviroment, Microsoft Ireland, UNICEF and GS Hotel Group.

This show will display the unique forms, materials, landscapes and interactions/workings between man and the Irish Bogs. It also reflects the cycle of life and time with the transient nature of this environment (aware of the era changes the bogs are enduring presently, in light of environment issues). Heritage, lifestyle, landscape and future is combined and addressed. Paintings, mixed medium pieces and installations/performances are the exhibition format.

The artist has grown up surrounded by this landscape and it is in the blood. Hence the sense of attachment and heritage. Lifetime observation has allowed him to create narratives that apply. From working in the environment aware of its relationships to weather, processes involved, to details of textures, details, local wildlife. Knowing local workers of bogs and the people involved. The Artist is never more at home than on an open horizon with time and silence as company. Hence the attachment of subject matter to this artist.

As one artist put it to him, "When you make work you know you are from this area. It shows through in your work (others do work that don't fully capture). The bog is in your veins."

Opening Reception: Friday 15th April 7-9pm