'Emotions Recollected in Tranquillity'

An Exhibition by Zora Byrne

From Tuesday 13th September to Saturday 24th September 2005

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition of recent watercolour and oil paintings by Zora Byrne.

Zora was born in the village of Rudovci, South of Belgrade. She studied art in the Fine Art Department of the Pedagogic Institute of Belgrade. In 1973, Zora became a naturalized citizen of Ireland, and now lives in Dalkey, Co. Dublin. Zora has lived and worked in Europe, North and Central Africa and in the Middle East.

The magical landscapes of desert and bush have strongly influenced her work. However, the spirit-calming gentleness and unthreathening ruggedness of the Irish landscape has been her greatest stimulation. Zora's ability to capture the ever-changing mood of the Irish sky should be noted. Her paintings of Irish landscapes are a result or her travel throughout the country and her awareness of the beauty surrounding her in Dalkey, Killiney, Dun Laoghaire and Wicklow.

However, Zora often leaves her paintbrush behind on her walks through the Irish landscape, preferring to absorb the beauty that surrounds her. In solitude, she recollects the emotion felt, and expresses these through her art.

Opening Reception: Friday 16th September 7-9pm